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Every work in the Living Composers Catalog must have a "publisher". If you are a composer that self-publishes your own work and do not have a separate publishing company representing your work, you should still fill out this form. The information you provide here will allow people who want to purchase copies of your works to contact you.

Only the fields marked with an * are required. However, please try to fill in all the fields to be sure that we can contact you if there is a question or a problem.

Quest Haven Publishing will not provide any other party with the information you give to us without your consent. It is understood that answers provided on this form will be posted on our web site, and unless otherwise indicated, your consent for posting this information in this manner is assumed. If there is any information that you do not want posted on our web site, please indicate this by adding "(private)" to the end of your response and making a note of this in the comments field at the end of the form.

We do require that we be able to post at least one method of contact for you, such as an e-mail or web site address, as Quest Haven Publishing will not take orders for you and your customers will need to be able to contact you, but we will keep any other information confidential if you request it.

If your browser does not handle forms well, download this form and send it to .

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Approximately how many works do you plan to include in the Living Composers Catalog at this time? (This is for our estimating and planning purposes only. You will not be limited to this number.)

Please select each of the following if applicable:

         Self-publishing composer

         Please contact me regarding a logo or other items I would like posted on my page (Logo included on page FREE)

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