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Research Questionnaire for Composers

This short questionnaire is designed to help us learn more about composers and the distribution of the music of living composers. Please take a few minutes to respond to it. It will be a big help!

Your Name (Optional)

Approximately how many published compositions do you have?

Approximately how many unpublished works do you have ready for publication right now (both parts and score)?

Approximately how many works do you have that lack only high-quality engraving or copy work (for example in a music scoring program like Finale) of the parts and/or score to be ready for publication?

Approximately how many works do you have that are nearly ready for publication, but still need a few minor compositional changes before they can be engraved and published?

Approximately how many complete works do you compose each year?

Approximately how many composition projects do you have in progress at a given time?

Approximately what percentage of your compositions are commissioned works?

Are you also involved in performance (of your own and/or others' works)?
(If yes - please be sure to fill out the Music Purchasing Habits Survey after completing this one.)

Which instruments can you play at a reasonably skillful level?

Which of the following compositional elements do you come up with first to generate an idea for a composition? (You may select more than one)

A title     Instrumentation     A program or storyline for the work     A text to set to music
The (non-programmatic) for or structure of the work     A melodic theme or motif
A rhythmic construction     A scale, set, cell, row or other theoretical construction

Do you depend on other work, besides composing music, to make a living?

If so, what kind of work do you do to make a living?

For which instruments or ensemble have you had particular success writing music, or for which do you write most often?

If you have been commissioned to compose original works, what is the typical amount of money you would receive for a commission?

If you have been commissioned to compose original works, what is the most typical way you have been selected to receive that commission?

If other, please specify:

Would you be interested in listing your compositions that are ready for publication (for a small annual fee for each composition listed) on a web site that serves as a resource for music from living composers? The listing would include basic information about each composition and contact information so that visitors can contact you or someone you designate to order the score and parts.

What would you expect to pay annually for each composition listed on the site?

Would you be interested in listing your compositions on the above described site, if the listing was FREE?

Would you be willing to pay an additional annual fee to include a streaming audio recording of the piece (or a portion of the piece) with your listing?

In addition to the listing fee, how much would you expect to pay to include the streaming audio recording with your listing?

Would you be interested in having your listing included in a print catalog to be distributed by direct mail to music retailers, performers and performing groups and schools?

How much would you expect to pay for each work listed in the print catalog?

Would you be interested in making an arrangement with a publishing company in which you give the company a NON-EXCLUSIVE license to print and distribute your music, and each of you gets a portion of each sale?

Would you be interested in participating with an organization or company designed to bring together composers, performers and sources of funding for the purpose of commissioning, creating and performing new works?

What would you consider to be a fair fee (if any) for such an organization or company to charge for this service? Who would be responsible for paying this fee, and how would the fee be set up? (Possible examples of how the fee could be set up: A percentage of commissions or a straight membership fee)

Would you like to receive an occasional (quarterly or monthly) newsletter via email?

If so, what is your email address?

Comments (If any of your above responses require explanation or elaboration, feel free to do so here):

Your mailing address (Optional):


Thank you very much for your help!!!!!!!!


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