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If you would like to submit compositions for inclusion in the Living Composers Catalog (LCC), please fill out the following information. The basic listing is FREE. We have changed our Composition Registration Form to allow you to submit multiple compositions by the same composer at the same time. Only the fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. All other information is optional; however, these fields are intended to help potential customers make decisions regarding purchases, so it is to your advantage to give as much information as possible. If you have more compositions to submit than will fit on this form (all by the same composer), return to this page to submit the rest. When you fill out the form for the additional compositions, mark the box indicating you have submitted compositions from this composer before, and you will only need to fill in the fields marked with an asterisk (*) in the first section, as we will be able to apply the rest of the information from the first time you filled out the form for that composer.

IMPORTANT: If your publishing company (or yourself if you are self-published) has not registered any compositions with the Living Composers Catalog previously, please fill out our publisher information form first.

If you would like to submit your composition for consideration to be published by Quest Haven Publishing, please fill out our composition submission form instead of this form.

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Click on each column heading for an explanation of what information is asked for in each field. Again, the only REQUIRED information is that marked with a red asterisk (*). The basic Internet listing is FREE. However, we do offer some additional options for a fee. Fields marked with a red dollar sign ($) are for these options. Click on each column heading for more information about these options and how much they cost. If you select any of these options, you will contacted regarding method of payment and other details as necessary. Scroll right to see the entire table.

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By clicking submit, you certify that the above publisher has the legal right to publish and distribute the submitted composition(s). Quest Haven Publishing is not responsible for any claims of copyright violation with regard to this work. Quest Haven Publishing also reserves the right to deny inclusion in or to remove any work from the Living Composers Catalog if we deem a work to be offensive in any way, if a work is found to be in violation of copyright, or if we find that the work does not meet the standards and requirements established by Quest Haven Publishing for the Living Composers Catalog.

It may take anywhere from 3 to 5 work days for your submission to be approved and posted on the site.


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